Our company is equipped with the following laser cutting equipment:
– 1 laser cut TRUMPF Fiber BrightLine 5040 8000W with automatic loading and unloading and working range 4000X2000
– 1 laser cut TRUMPF Fiber BrightLine 5030 5000W with automatic loading and unloading and working range 3000×1500
– 2 MItsubishi Fiber ML3015EX-F80 8000W

With possibility of cutting up to :
– 25 mm iron
– 20 mm stainless steel
– 20 mm aluminium
– 8 mm brass
– 6 mm copper


Our combined laser punching machines are more than just punching machines. The machines are versatile and, in addition to punching, carry out laser cutting, nibbling, deformation, marking, bending and threading operations.

The exsisting machines are:
– Combined laser punching machine with automatic loading/unloading FINN POWER LPE5;
– Combined laser punching machine with automatic loading/unloading FINN POWER LPE5 with robot for stacking the machined pieces;

Both machines are equipped with tapping units capable of tapping from M 2.5 to M 8.


Our combined punching and shearing machines are also always at the forefront; the solution to today’s needs: versatility, reduction in sheet metal consumption and a drastic reduction in production time.

FINN POWER punching machine with automatic loading/unloading and SG6 angle shear with FANUC working range 1500X3000.


Arcobaleno is constantly oriented towards technological innovation, in fact it can count on the innovative folding system by flag: the folding blade rotates around the sheet to be folded, in order to create positive and negative folds without scratching the material.

Moreover, the high bending speed (from 0 to 200 degrees in one second) and the possibility of having three panels in the machine at the same time during the same bending cycle, optimize the times, significantly increasing productivity while ensuring the highest quality standards.

The company, for the automated bending, makes use of:
2 RAS MULTIBEND panels with double automatic loading and unloading system;
1 semi-automatic RAS UPDOWN panelling machine with maximum working range of 4000;
2 Amada HGARS+AC300 robotic bending cells with automatic loading, unloading and tool change.rol, working range 1500X3000.


The bending process is one of the processes that can be applied to sheet metal to obtain flat semi-finished products, simple and complex shapes.

The bending operations are generally carried out at room temperature, or through a hot process to obtain more particular deformations.

These operations actually conceal a considerable series of problems related to the stresses produced inside the bent materials, first of all the elastic return, that is the partial recovery of the sheet once the loading phase is over.

For this reason, the company Arcobaleno employs highly qualified staff and 31 state-of-the-art press brakes, most of which are electric, to ensure greater precision and with a maximum working range of 4000mm.


Vertical electrical welding, called electrowelding/stitching, is a welding method that uses electrical energy to join metal parts together. The two sheet metal parts are made to coincide and the electrode, creating an electric arc, is able to melt the material by joining it.

Tack welding is the optimal solution when you want to weld components that are not subjected to heavy mechanical work or for which it is not necessary to have a hermetic joint. Arcobaleno is able to supply pointing material through the use of vertical pointing machines.

Welding is the process of joining two metal parts obtained without the application of an external force, but by melting together the close edges of the pieces to be joined, with or without the use of filler material.

Arcobaleno is able to supply quality welded material through the use of wire welding machines, robotic welding islands, TIG and capacitive discharge welding machines.


Assembly is the last stage of sheet metal processing before finishing and transporting the finished product to the customer.

Arcobaleno is able to offer different types of assembly, depending on the specific needs of the customer, even with material not supplied by him.

In particular, we are specialized in the supply of assembled and riveted material, with the assembly of inserts, rivets, discharge and pressure pins, studs, bushings and various accessories.


Finishing is the last phase of the production process before the finished product is put on the market and the company Arcobaleno, in order to meet every specific need of its customers, has achieved important partnerships with leading companies in the field through which it is now able to provide material:

• Painted
• Galvanized
• Nickel- plated
• Chromed
• Silk-screen printed
• Cataphoreted

• Welded
• Polished