Arcobaleno constantly examines the quality of its workings during the entire production process and then makes a final check before delivery to the customer.

To guarantee maximum precision, reliability and quality, Arcobaleno uses a two-dimensional laser scanning control system VIRTEK INNOTIME DIM. 1200X1200 with possibility of repositioning.

Arcobaleno is certified ISO 9001 TUV SUD


The technical department is composed of qualified technicians able to analyze and solve each request by proposing the best design solutions to the customer.

With a view to a more ambitious service, Arcobaleno constantly updates itself on new design technologies and is therefore equipped with the most innovative and latest-generation tools:

– 3D SOFTWARE for solid modeling


The production process of each Arcobaleno stage is entirely managed by a real-time control system.

Each batch is marked and traced by a sophisticated software with barcode detection, able to provide, at any time, the precise status of each process.

The best way to update the customer and intervene promptly on any corrections.
The central system plans the production, procurement and maintenance according to the individual workloads, ensuring the constant punctuality of the workings.
All the machines are also networked and allow repeated monitoring of production.


The finished products warehouse is a recently built division with a capacity of 1800 pallet places and 12 meters high.

The entire warehouse is monitored by an electronic traceability system that through a management and a barcode detection system is able to ensure rapid and accurate identification of details, the instantaneous verification of warehouse availability and immediate storage of goods.


Protecting and supervising every stage of production is essential for Arcobaleno, until the delivery of the processed product.

Punctuality, guarantee, and reliability are the basis of the company philosophy of Arcobaleno that, thanks to the best partners, is able to ensure rapidity and punctuality in the delivery of products at the facilities specified by the customer.